Re: DRA update

Leo Barhorst (
Thu, 20 Jun 96 19:54:58 PDT

Hello Bart,

The DRA update is very useful.

A few remarks.

Another technique for measuring all the flashes is starting the stopwatch
at a known time (whole minute) shortly before the satellite is due to pass.
Then timing each flash its easier to calculate the absolute times of the

You're right that simple things can go wrong. Pushing the wrong button, 
sudden clouds just where the sat is suppossed to pass ect.

Reporting the observation.
What does (2I5) in the first line and (3F10) in the second line mean?
Why is the day not on the first line?
Isn't easier giving the flashnumber first and then the time; because of
using the standard tab once.

The tle's are very useful. Should I put them on the flashdisk too?
Files like DRA.tle and DRA.rob?


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