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Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:51:52 -0500 (EST)

>>I am writing a magazine article about observing satellites and 
>>would like to include some book references. If anybody could send me 
>>title/author/publisher/date of either out of print, or current books, 
>>I would be most grateful.

I'm always looking for good reference books on either satellites
or how to spot them.  
Can anyone add something to the following list?

 Observing Earth Satellites, Desmond King-Hele, New York:  
 St Martin's Press, 1966.

 The Making of a Moon, Arthur C. Clarke, New York:  
 Harper & Bros., 1957.

 The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Space Technology, Kenneth Gatland, 
 New York:  Orion Books, 1986 (second edition).

 Jane's Spaceflight Directory, London:  
 Jane's Publishing Company Limited. (yearly)

 Interavia Space Directory, London:
 Jane's Information Group. (yearly)
 The Complete Encyclopedia of Space Satellites, Giovanni Caprara, 
 New York:  Portland House, 1986.

 The Encyclopedia of US Spacecraft, Bill Yenne, New York:  
 Exeter Books, 1985.

 The Encyclopedia of Soviet Spacecraft, Douglas Hart, New York:  
 Exeter Books, 1987.

 The History of Manned Spaceflight, David Baker, New York:  Crown
 Publishers, Inc., 1981.

 The Pictorial History of World Spacecraft, Bill Yenne, New York:  
 Exeter Books, 1988.

 The R.A.E. Table of Earth Satellites:  1957-1982, D.G. King-Hele, 
 et al., New York:  John Wiley & Sons, 1983 (Second Edition).

 The Soviet Manned Space Program:  An Illustrated History of the Men, 
 the Missions, and the Spacecraft, Phillip Clark, New York:  
 Orion Books, 1988.

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