Re: Software at Eurosom 2 ?

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 18:21:56 +0100 (CET)

RB Minton wrote:

>I'm not attending this meeting, 

I hope you're not turned off by the 'European' adjective :-)
Airfare to Europe doesn't necessary cost an arm and a leg, you know.

>but if I was I'd take 25 blank disks and get as
>much software from the attendee's as possible.  

There was indeed a lively exchange of software at the first edition of
Eurosom. This time I'm expecting more people attending (even if registering 
has been low so far, to say the least). There's no reason to wait until
September 15 to register. Do it now, you'll be easing the worries the 
organizing committee has if you register now :-)

>It would be nice if everyone in
>this organization used pretty much the same software 

But people will never agree whether we should use either Skymap or Quicksat ;-)

>AND there was a contact 
>person in each member country from which you could send-in a blank disk and get
>back what you needed.  A lot of us cannot FTP.

I wonder how widespread this problem is. 

In any case, as far as Europe is concerned the BWGS is perfectly willing to
take this job on. As has been mentioned in other messages, we've been doing
it for years anyway with our Flash-disk.

And Jay has volunteered for the US. I think it might be better when someone 
who lives in the US distributes disks to Americans, taking into account costs
of air mail, and speed of delivery.

What do you think, Jay? 

Of course, running it under the umbrella of the BWGS has the advantage that
postal costs, etc... are also paid for by the BWGS.
Are you sure you don't have Belgian ancestry, Jay ? ;-)

>I am willing to be the contact person for USA.  If new software is sent 
>to me, I can redistribute it to all those interested.  Or, if available, 
>I can ftp it.  

Should we be putting this 'job' in the FAQ, so that newcomers know about this


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