Poor DRA Observations

R.B. Minton (rbminton@sembilan.UCHSC.edu)
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 10:22:50 -0600

Hi:  Thanks for pointing-out the correct format for the flash intervals.  I must
have misread your intro but cannot leave this window to look at it.
I have looked at each video snippet many times and I would be trying to pull
the wool over someones eyes if I claimed any higher accuracy than what I have
already reported.  All 3 satellites had flat maxima and minima.  Believe me,
the data is recorded accurately enough to give you 0.1 sec. times if the 
satellite had a nice spike in its flash pattern - but they did not.

How do the visual observers handle these flat maxima & minima?  Could their
technique be applied to a video recording?

I am hesitant to continue observations (of this type) if you don't think they
are accurate enough (or depend on future efforts).  Ideas?

R. B. Minton