OIG clue to tethered sats in Sat Sit report

Ted Molczan (molczan@fox.nstn.ca)
Mon, 24 Jun 1996 17:05:07 -0400

The clue that there are two additional payloads has been
in the OIG on-line Satellite Situation report for some 
time. Note that 1996-029G is described as debris
from USA 119 through 124. USA 123 and 124 would be the
objects at the ends of the tether. I noted the extra
USA objects some time ago, but suspected they were the
result of a typo. Wrong!

1996-029G    23863   US             NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
USA 119-124 DEB         Launch Date  05/12/96
1996-029D    23862   US             NO ELEMENTS AVAILABLE
USA 122                 Launch Date  05/12/96

bye for now