Re: Video: Pro & Con

Karl Cunningham (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 17:19:16 -0700

At 12:14PM 6/25/96, R.B. Minton wrote --

>I'm an active video observer of satellites, but there is apparently a problem
>on reducing these observations to provide meaningfull DRA data.  Observing only
>3 satellites I have found that the maxima and minima are so gradual (flat or
>shallow) that the measures of the times of maxima and minima are only good to
>1 to 5 seconds.

I get the impression from following this discussion that people doing visual
observations may find it easier to estimate time than those using video
techniques.  I'll go blindly on assuming that I'm not completely wrong on
this point.

Is there a possibility that the video camera is electronically compressing
the brightness on a pixel-by-pixel basis?  I know it is done on a
screen-wide basis, and with some long time delay, and a few bright pixels on
the otherwise-black screen shouldn't affect this.  If so, perhaps some video
cameras have a way to defeat this.

Just a thought

-- Karl