RE: Visual Elements Lists
Wed, 26 Jun 96 09:48:17 PST

>I'm wondering if anyone can supply me with a good site for 
>downloading VISUAL elements. I'm using STSPLUS and have been using 
>the to download the 
>visual elements but they appear to be somewhat limited as I see 
>alot of visual satellites/RB's going over that are not in the 
>Visual.TLE that I am downloading. Any help would be greatly 
I generally download the big files from the JPL site:

Then I run the file through a program I wrote called tlesum, which reads the TLE 
file and a file called visual.asc, which contains a list of "visual" spacecraft 
and their USSPACECOM and COSPAR identifiers.  It creates a file called visual.tle 
containing only those satellites that were in both files.  It also generates a 
summary file with inclination, apogee/perigee, etc., for the entire list of 
objects.  The whole thing is crude, but effective.

Of course, it's a subject of some debate as to what constitutes "visual" - I've 
only seen a fraction of the objects in my list.

If anyone is interested, I can upload the program and visual.asc files to the 
Oxford site.
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