Re: DRA update

Kurt Jonckheere (
Wed, 26 Jun 1996 19:17:05 +0200

Bart wrote :
>   the 'index' of the flash. It's not necessary to time all flashes. Sometimes
>   you get distracted and have to skip one flash. That's allowed, but you should
>   make that clear with the 'index number', if at all possible. In the example
>   flashes 9 and 11 were not timed.
>117.15  7
>136.50  8
>155.31  10
>175.19  12

>You can expect a new, simplified format next
>week. Please send me other suggestions. I don't intend to change the format
>every week :-)

Walter's program output of his timings gives something like :
>  0.00  0 
>  8.61  1 
> 12.23  2 
> 16.50  3 

As indicated by Bart, the correct input as it should be for his program 
has to be something like :
 0.00  0
[4.??  1 not timed]
 8.61  2
12.23  3
This means that somebody (the observer or Bart ...) has to correct the input
It would be very nice if the DRA-program would be able to correct the input 
by changing the index numbers, saving time for the observer to check 
his observation.

But one still has to be attentive... in this case the correction of the
index was very straightforwarded, but in case of a large synodic effect,
a lot of not timed flashes or a synodic anomaly, it can be difficult for
the program to correct the timings.

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