Re: Tether maximum length
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 11:17:10 -0400

My students get 20 lashes of a wet noodle for failure to give the dimensions
of each numeric in the calculation.  The numbers are meaningless if we do not
know the dimension they are specifying. If we assume a different one from the
originators unspecified intent, we get ridiculous results. In my lab
procedure manuals, I insist that each simplified calculation coefficient be
accompanied by a full expansion of all of the factors and their dimensions
that it is derived from.
Rob has given us an excellent example of the confusion resulting from
assuming rather than specifying explicitly the dimensions.
Rod Willard

>Ted Molczan correctly wrote that the maximum length of the tether could be

>      360 * 4 / (2 * PI * 1019) = 0.225 deg

>When I put                  550

>in the above equation I get my earlier spurious value!!!  The other
>calculations were done using kilometers for ALL distances!

>Apologies, Rob McNaught