Satellite candidate for bol

Rob Matson (
27 Jun 1996 12:27:48 -0800

I originally sent this message to Larry Klaes, but he suggested that I send it
up to Seesat, so here goes:


I read your story about the bolide and thought I'd do a little check to see if
any decaying artificial satellites were in the area at the time.  I've come up
with an interesting candidate:  Norad #22535 -- Lageos II IRIS Debris G.  The
elements for this object in EL960622 still date back to March 29th, at which
time it was in a 183 x 3250 mile orbit.  Does anyone know if this object has
decayed?  Based on those old elements, it made a pass for Hastings, Michigan
(and Fingal, Ontario) in roughly the right part of the sky, going in the right
direction, but at around 1:40am EDT instead of 1:54:50.  It was also at
perigee at that time... Here are the elements I have for it:

Lageos II IRIS Deb G
1 22535U 92070  F 96089.16964761  .00009781  62733-6  54142-3 0   652
2 22535  41.2028   8.4492 2698973 209.2215 132.6404  9.93292117121814