Re: NOSS 5

John Pike (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 08:34:02 -0400

At 12:24 AM 6/28/96 -0400,  Jay Respler <> wrote:
>NOSS 5 C and NOSS 5 G are now 17 minutes apart. "D" has not been with the 
>group for several years.  Does this indicate that this group is not 

Yes, the NOSS-1 constellation was shut down several years ago. One could
probably go back and determine a more precise date, but the unambiguous
indicator was the deactivation of the half-dozen ground stations [Adak,
Edzell, etc] that were used to support the constellation.

The new NOSS-2 constellation is run out of Bad Aibling in Germany, Misawa in
Japan, and at least one other facility in the US [either I don't know this
one or I have momentarily forgotten it].


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