RE: Visual Elements Lists

Jay Respler (
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:47:31 -0400 (EDT)

>I generally download the big files from the JPL site:
>Then I run the file through a program I wrote called tlesum, which reads
>the TLE  file and a file called visual.asc, which contains a list of 

Is everyone aware of the program I use, PASSUPDATE, by TS Kelso?
It takes a new large list of elements, compares it to any number of current
element lists, and quickly updates all the old elements.  Fast and simple.
Names are not touched.

>Of course, it's a subject of some debate as to what constitutes "visual" - 

Visual is anything you see.  For the list I made, VISUAL.TLE, published by
Kelso, I wanted to include all naked eye visual sats.  I chose mag 3.8-4.0
as the limiting mag.

>  It also generates a summary file with inclination, apogee/perigee, etc.,
>for the entire list of objects.
>If anyone is interested, I can upload the program and visual.asc files to
>the  Oxford site. 

I'd like to see the program that makes the summary file.   or
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