Iridium in 12" scope
Mon, 01 Jun 98 23:14:19

 Hi all -
 A few minutes ago, I observed the flare for which the Iridflar
prediction is given below:
 Ir  Date    Time    Az  ElAnt Flar  Vis Peak Stand    Max Flare
              MST             Angle  Mag  Mag  Mag   Lat      Long
 41 98-6-1 22:36:23 055 32 R   0.07 -7.4 -7.4 -8.3 39.8661 -105.4021
 The flare occurred as predicted - the only variation was that I
observed it through a 12.5-inch newtonian reflector at 33x!
 Needless to say, it appeared VERY bright, and even looked non-stellar
- an effect due, I presume, to excess photons diffusing from the image
point on my retina (which, by the way, is still intact).  It's quite a
sight to see something that bright moving across the background of a
star field in Cygnus (the stars remained visible throughout the flare).
 Cheers, Rich Keen 
 Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, USA (39.877 N, 105.391 W, elevation