Re: Wow!!!! STS91 pass Tuesday evening over Albuquerque, NM

Mark Stappenbeck (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 15:41:58 +0000

Yes, the view was very good this evening at 10:24 PM with the Shuttle and Mir 
right behind each other over Wichita KS. I think the Shuttle was in front, but 
I didn't look at the elements for both of them so it's difficult to tell which 
was which. I was only looking for Mir and had forgotten that the Shuttle was in 
the vicinity as well.

I had never really watched the sats visually before. I've talked over the 
Oscarsats quite a bit, but never really looked for one since Echo first went 
up. I even saw and Iridium flare this evening. The Shuttle was still more 
impressive, and the Shuttle was a nice bonus.

Regards from Wichita,

Mark Stappenbeck, N0PWZ