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> >I have a dozen different groupings and I update them once a week in a
> >minute using alldat.  What else is needed?
> Uh..., just the names of the program(s) (and where they may be found)
> that you use to group the elements.

I use PassUpdate, available from Kelso's web site.  I thought that's how
most people updated their elements. I found it to be the fastest,
easiest way to freshen elements. For those that don't know, here's how
it works.  
I have over a dozen different groupings of elements (naked eye visual,
sync, low incl, high drag, etc,) containing 100s or 1000s of elsets. I
made up the groups years ago and just add an occasional new object when
desired. There are also programs like Eleman and some from Alphonse
Pouplier that can take large element files and extract elements based on
given characteristics.

So now that you have all these various elsets, how do you update them? I
get Alldat (other files can be used depending on what you're updating)
and rename it as required.  I simply run Passupdate and in several
seconds to a minute, 100s - 1000s of elsets have been processed.  You
have the option of doing all, or just those groups that you mark, at one
time.   PU just updates the element portion.  The name line (many of
mine have comments on them) remains untouched.

Other programs that I've seen take a large file and extract elements and
names according to selection groups that you preset. You actually make
new groups each time you use the program.  You can't keep your own names
that way, you use whatever comes with the elements.  PU keeps your
groups as they are and just freshens the elements.  You can have old
elements in a group without them being lost. If a new elset is not
available, the old one is just skipped. If desired, an option will
prompt you and ask if you want the old set deleted.
As each elset is processed, it is color coded to show age. Pause time
between each elset can be varied. Do it slow if you want to see what
happens to each elset.  I think I have it set to .001 second to have
things zip along.

More questions?
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