Brief Introduction per Request
Mon, 15 Jun 98 13:17:56 EDT

I've just subscribed and as requested I'll provide a brief introduction of 

My name is Karl Swenson, I'm a professional mechanical engineer who works in 
the electric power industry.  I'm located approximately 21 miles SW of Boston, 
Massachusetts.  Hobbies include astronomy (6" reflector), Short Wave radio, 
weather satellite APT reception, computers, and the outdoors.

I have been observing satellites regularly since 1985 (using manual prediction 
methods).  I've always been interested in satellites since observing ECHO in 
the 60's.  I have been a member of the Dallas Remote Imaging Group for weather 

I periodically provide "astronomy tours" to school or church groups, and 
always include visible satellites.  Best visual sighting was a shuttle after 
launch on its way up under power around susset (a high inclination launch 
parallels the East Coast).  I also enjoy the Mir-STS dockings as well as the 
IRIDIUM predictions.  Looking forward to this list!

Karl Swenson