Double Flare

Grzegorz Koralewski (
Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:04:55 +0300

Hi everyone,
Last night (Jun 22 UT) I observed 2 flares of  Iridium 75 and 72
separated by only 4 minutes. The first one at 21:48 UT was good (-4),
but the other one at 21:52 UT was an incredible blaze in the sky. It
must have been about -8. It was stunning! But the best thing was, that
the shutter of my camera was open! I can't wait for the prints!
Unfortunately, these were the first two photos on new film - there are
still 22 more.
                                                            Clear skies,
                                        and bright flares/glints/flashes
                                                            G Koralewski

* Grzegorz Koralewski 53.38N 14.83E 100M *