Air Pockets

Dave English (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 03:58:17 -0800

Nice touch Joan, bad call Chip.

       The more I learn the less firmly I feel that the scientific 
convictions of my youth are absolute. In the last couple of years a
lifetime of knowledge has become somewhat unhinged, so I've taken a
more open-minded attitude of what is possible partly because of the
many surprises science rains down on us with new studies and partly 
because of the limits of knowledge. I also believe we should be kind 
to each other in our own sorting out of what we believe is truth or 
science, Chip.

        At last, one or two nights of clear skies, but with a full 
moon too, but I did see four satellites earlyer, going out again after 
posting. We have what is called June Gloom here in Southern 
California, so viewing nights can be rare for months along the coast.

                                       Dave English
                                       Oceanside, California