Question from a new-comer

Wiedmann, Scott, Mr, FVAP (
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 12:48:37 -0400

I am a new subscriber to the list and after reading postings for a few
months I have a question given to me by a friend who recently purchased a
'small' dish to receive satellite TV.
I am always excited to see the shuttle and other objects moving overhead, as
well as the occasional Iridium flare (still haven't caught a day-time flare
I also appreciate those who post pictures (or links) on their web-sites of
some of the fly-overs they have captured on film. Awesome!
I am (very-much) a novice sky-watcher of both man-made and natural
My question is this: Is there any way (and how) to view geo-stationary SATs
like the one at which my friend's dish is aimed. I would assume they would
not move against the sky.
Any explanation or links explaining this would be appreciated.
Thank you for your patience and assistance, please forgive me if this
question has already been covered.
J. Scott Wiedmann
38.7489?N, 77.1751?W