Re: Question from a new-comer

Ron Lee (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 13:34:11 -0600

>My question is this: Is there any way (and how) to view geo-stationary SATs
>like the one at which my friend's dish is aimed. I would assume they would
>not move against the sky.
>Any explanation or links explaining this would be appreciated.
>J. Scott Wiedmann

My normal method is to plot the path against stars using Rob Matson's 
Skymap.  Position the telescope on an easily found star. With the clock
drive running, the satellite will slowly move in the field of view just
prior to the appointed  time.  Then disconnect the clock drive if you want
to observe a while.  This works well with geo flashers.  My latest geo obs
was Nimiq-1 last week.  The same SETUP process works with Molniya's and even
LEO satellites.  This is how I observe faint LEOs.

Ron Lee