RE: Should a "C" class be listed as OK in Element Manager?

Randy John (RJ@Mail.Riem.Com)
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 13:56:55 -0700

	Yes it should.  I don't know what the legal characters are
for this column so perhaps you should just ignore it.  Presumably
U means 'unclassified' and C means 'classified'.  However I have
no personal experience of seeing a truly classified elset.
Perhaps there are Hyperclassified elsets as well!

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Subject: Should a "C" class be listed as OK in Element Manager?

In my program, I check for the presence of a "U" on line1 of a TLE.

Vote: Should a "C" be a permissible character in column 9 of line1?

I use that character as a validation step in reading in two line elements.

Element Manager has been getting some attention lately. Several bugs fixed,
the Tracking screen has undergone a rewrite (it's now sizable), and the
selection file routines have been cleaned up. There is a Version 1.2.1
available, but I've got a few more changes pending on my hard drive. So you
might want to wait for 1.2.2 if you plan to update.

cul -- Rick - N0KKZ