Re: Iridium: plane and object

Jim Varney (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 21:01:09 -0700

On 2 Jun 99, Walter Nissen wrote:

> This table is very convenient for observers who wish to know the order of 
> passage of objects.  E.g., this can be useful in seeking out the edges of 
> accuracy in the glint prediction programs.  Sometimes glints are brighter 
> or fainter than predicted.  If you have only 1 or 2 glint predictions and 
> you want to know which objects precede or follow, and thus may be readily 
> observed, a glance at the table will tell you. 

>     P00  64     P10  46*    P20  32     P30   5     P40   9*    P50  39 
>     P01  65     P11  47     P21  33     P31   6     P41  10*    P51  80 
>     P02  66     P12R 11A    P22  57     P32   7     P42  54*    P52  17 
>                OIG 
> cat # COSPAR      McCants             previous 
> 24792 97-20A D 8           Ir P33 
> 24793 97-20B D 7           Ir P32 

Every once in awhile there's a post in SeeSat that's worth saving to my 
hard drive.  This is one of them.  These two tables are very useful, and I 
really like how the first table makes it very easy to visualize how the 
different planes are populated.  I also like the use of the arrows and the 
offset columns to show migrations from plane to plane.

This is wonderful stuff.  I hope you'll consider posting updates to the 
list as changes to the Iridium constellation warrant.

 -- Jim

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