Decay SL-6 R/B and GRANAT (?)

Harro.Zimmer (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 15:04:26 +0200

Report Time 12:00 UTC

1989-043D (#20055) SL-6 R/B :

In its final report SpaceCom gives a decay  at:
                   June 3, 22:26 UTC +/- 24 minutes (63.5S, 359.8E)
on an ascending pass over the South Atlantic.
MPM shows with the last - and very late - released ELSET 99154.887...
a decay at         June 3, 22:22.1 UTC +/- 22 minutes (57.8S, 323.6E)
on the descending part also over the South Atlantic.

1989-096A (#20352) GRANAT:

Bjrn Gimle suggested in an earlier message a possible decay on May 25, 1999. The 
last ELSET was released May 21 (99141.750...). Normally the ELSETs appeared 
around every 4 or 8 days (one or two revs). My analysis with MSGP4 (the NORAD 
combinated model of SGP4 and DGP4)shows at first no indication for a such early 
decay (perigee over 400 km) but if we you look deeper into luni-solar 
pertubations of higher order it seems possible that GRANAT decayed around
                       May 25, 21:54 UTC +/- 01 hour  (15.9N, 82.3E)
om a northbound pass over South India /Gulf of Bengalia.
Have Vladimir Agapov a comment on this?