Starshine to Launch from STS-96 Shuttle Saturday

Jake Rees (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 17:36:41 -0700

The basketball sized, mirror covered Starshine is supposed to launch from
the STS-96 Space Shuttle I think around 0700 UTC Saturday (after midnight
going into Sat. in the USA).  I've lost the reference and am trying to post
this as quickly as possible.  The Starshine web page (launch info is
outdated) is:

Dave Ransom at:

has posted an estimated TLE set:

1 25761U 99030B   99156.30604595  .00005397  12449-9  65443-4 0    17
2 25761  51.5931 257.5542 0013617 325.0157 198.1937 15.59838773  1395

I'm still hearing that STS-96 will land at Cape Canaveral.  I guess we'll
have to see how things develop.

--  Jake