Re: Starshine Seen (also STS-96, ISS)

Ron Lee (
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 04:14:54 -0600

At 04:42 AM 6/5/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Well, I just had a treat here in Northport (40.9037N 73.345W 0ish). A few
>minutes ago, Starshine, Discovery, and ISS appeared overhead, in that
>order. I apologize for not having anough of an astronomical background to
>give a really accurate report, but Starshine did flare to be brighter than
>the shuttle, for a brief period of time. It then dimmed, but still seemed
>to be visible. I only caught one flare, but the path was blocked by trees
>for much of it's arc across the sky.

>- Tom 

I also caught this trio at 09:57 UT on 5 Jun. STS was noticed first, being
perhaps -4 magnitude.  Starshine was observed leading in the same field of 
view of my 7x50 binocs...very faint. I did not notice any flaring but did not
watch it continuously.  ISS followed...much fainter but that should change
if they really add everything to it. Should have photographed this passage.

Ron Lee