Multi Flasher
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 00:46:28 -0600 (MDT)

As i was waiting for Seasat to arrive i noticed a flashing high above, i
figured it was an Iridium tumbler but this object was flashing at a very
fast rate, almost like the anti-collision lights of an aircraft. There would
be several quick flashes in a row, magnitude 2-3 with a couple of brighter
ones thrown in, including at least one -2 flash. Then there would be a pause
and then the cycle would start over again. I didn't get an accurate timing
of the pauses but they were only a few seconds long. I noted about 4 sets of
flashes. Here are the particulars of the object:

Time:  05:55:05 07 Jun UTC +/- 2 sec
Az:    175 degrees
Elev:   70 degrees
Track: 350 - 175 degrees
When i checked to ID this object i came up with Cosmos 2357 #25368 98036F.
Although it was about 50 secs early, the other parameters match. Unless
someone has a better ID, i'd say this is it. The flashing pattern was
interesting, something to look for should you have a pass. Here is the elset
from Alldat.tle i used:

Cosmos 2357   
1 25368U 98036F   99153.14911661 +.00000017 +00000-0 +30478-4 0 01240
2 25368 082.5863 066.9769 0357437 103.6820 260.4306 12.23225871042932