RE: Milstar 3 observation

Ted Molczan (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:01:05 -0400

> I observed Milstar 3 using Ted's latest elset:

Randy, thank you for your report. Based on the same elset, tonight's eclipse
times, visible from N. America are:

04:18:41 enters penumbra
04:20:27 enters umbra
04:23:44 leaves umbra
04:25:25 leaves penumbra

06:52:38 EP
06:54:49 EU
06:56:41 LU
06:58:48 LP

09:26:36 EP
09:27:52 EU
09:30:55 LU
09:32:09 LP

I note that the object was about 30 s early last night.

Also, even small errors in orbit orientation can produce large errors in
eclipse times, so I recommend starting obs well before the predicted
penumbra entry point.

Ted Molczan