Re: Oldest SAT

Mon, 07 Jun 1999 14:55:31 -0700 (MST)

Any guess as to it's magnitude when you saw it?

Ron Athey

>I have seen it in an 8" telescope at or near perigee.  Give it a try even
>if you only have binoculars.  The last time I saw it I had the
>impression it MIGHT be visible in binoculars.
>Ron Lee
>>I have lately become fascinated to know, "What is the oldest object still in
>>Earth orbit?"  According to my latest Molzcan elset file, Vanguard 1
>>(58002B/00005) is still in Earth orbit.  My question for the group is, how
>>easy is it to catch a glimpse of this ancient satellite?  I don't think I
>>have ever read of a sighting by anyone in the group.