USA 144 / 99028A debris catalogued

Ted Molczan (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 20:00:37 -0400

OIG has finally filled in the gaps that appeared in the catalogue shortly
after the launch of 99028-A, and they turn out to have been debris from that
launch. Here is an excerpt from the catalogue:

1999-028A    25744 USA 144
1999-028B    25745 TITAN 4 R/B
1999-028C    25746 USA 144 DEB
1999-028D    25747 USA 144 DEB
1999-028E    25748 USA 144 DEB
1999-028F    25749 USA 144 DEB
1994-029AEH  25750 PEGASUS DEB
1999-028G    25751 USA 144 DEB
1999-028H    25752 USA 144 DEB
1999-028J    25753 USA 144 DEB
1999-028K    25754 USA 144 DEB
1999-028L    25755 USA 144 DEB

I wonder whether or not the 99028A elements I have posted are the actual
payload, or perhaps some of the debris. Perhaps an analysis of its rate of
decay will provide a clue. A reliable estimate of standard magnitude would
also be useful.

The N. hemisphere evening visibility window is drawing to a close (still
visible from S. USA latitudes), but it will open soon in the S. hemisphere.

Ted Molczan