Re: Oldest SAT

Tony Beresford (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 11:55:00 +0930

At 05:47 8/06/99 , wrote:
>Hello everyone,

>SatSpy 3.0 predicts a decent pass almost directly overhead of my location
>tonight (though it is scheduled to rise in the West only 19 minutes after
>sundown local time).
>Here's wishing everyone dark skies and mild temperatures.
>36.7653N 76.2178W, 3.7m
>Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
Troy, Quicksat indicates a maximum brightness of mag 11.3,
at a range of 1150Km. I think this is probably best range you are going to get.
The brightness ties in with the standard magnitude quoted in the molczan file,
and it size. I doubt whether any  telescope would show anything this
faint 19 minutes after sundown. In a dark sky use of at least an 8-inch scope
as Ron Lee reports would be almost mandatory.
Tony Beresford