Re: Oldest SAT

Brad (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 19:31:31 +0000


   Vanguard 1 is American.  It was supposed to be the first man-made satellite, but the USSR beat the US to the punch with Sputnik.  It ended up being
at least the third, because the US launched Explorer 1 before we got Vanguard up.

   I have tried to see it a couple of times in an 8" scope at 32X, but haven't succeeded yet.  I have managed to see Vanguard 2 twice, it was very
faint.  Vanguard 1 will be making a 66 deg pass over my location tonight, so I'll try again to see it.

Brad Feinner
Los Alamitos, CA
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> Is this satellite [Vanguard 1] Russian or American?
> Jonathan Wojack