Element Manager V 1.2.3 uploaded

Rick von Glahn (rickvg@usa.net)
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 18:19:35 -0600

It seems like I added quite a bit this time around. But, looking over the
changes on the version page, I guess most of the keying was on background
stuff :-)

Anyway, some new stuff:

1.)Range Checking Values of most fields in Element sets.

2.)Select Files can now be used to eliminate element sets from the active
display alternatively to their usual behavior picking out only those active
elements that match entries. Do you have a favorite satellite(s) you HATE.
Now you can eliminate it. A Kevin Setter suggestion.

3.)A really primitive text editor added. Offers quick views of text files.
Look in Satname.dat without having to launch an external editor.

4.)The update option has expanded. Previously you could only freshen
existing elements from a secondary file. Now, you can also add any element
sets from the secondary file that do not appear in your existing active
satellite list. Mike Juengling suggestion.

5.)I offered a quick way to open recently used files a while back. Now I've
also added that capability to the SaveAs functions. The program remembers
the last four filenames you saved files as. Gives you a little more
flexibility and speed if you deal with similar filenames.

6.)Now, you can "Select" checkmarked satellites. This is valuable if you
wish to hand pick a group of satellites and export them to a new file.
Someone must have asked for this before I could think of it, but I've lost
track who that might have been.

7.)Several cosmetic changes. Some more valuable than others. I've re-titled
EVERY window. Previously I was bragging too much by titling everything
"Element Manager - xxxxxxx" where xxxxxxx was whatever window was displayed.
Now ALL windows except the main screen just carry a descriptive title,
"Editor", "2 Line File", "Selection Form", "Track", etc. The value in this,
??, well the titles show up on the task bar much better. So you don't see 4
iterations of "Element Manager" down there.

8.)Other changes, I added a status bar to the Editor and Track windows.

Other harder to find changes: I've reordered and re-titled some of the
submenus. I'm trying to get the program into more intuitive shape. I think
I'm making progress. If you don't like the placement or title of a
menu/submenu item let me know what it should say and where it should go.
Your suggestion MUST have some basis in commonality with other Windows
95/98/NT layouts.

Oh, the help file is hopelessly out of date. I may dump it altogether and
just come out with some thing really vanilla like a packaged version of the
web pages. They are getting pretty descriptive and may serve better for this

For slightly more detail than outlined here (got carried away) go to:


Download at:


cul -- Rick - N0KKZ