Re: Obs of object called USA 144 - tumbling?

James Nix (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:43:07 +0000

Mike, Philip & all,

I was pressed for time and posted a hasty estimate of the rotation/tumble rate.
I forwarded Ted the details of my notes on the observation, here is an excerpt.

------Details from my notes-------------

Started Watch at 02:21'  UTC.
timings 1:59.09-02:22:59.09  postion one, was very dim, a max occured a sec
or so before
        2:08.55-02:23:08.55  Max
        2:15.31-02:23:15.31  Max (or maybe a min)
        2:24.54-02:23:24.54  Max
        2:31.88-02:23:31.88  Max (min?)  made a note here and then
re-aquired the sat.
        2:49.31-02:23:49.31  Postion two again a min a sec or so before.
        2:58.24-02:23:58.24  Max

This is the first time I've really looked at the timings, (The max's were a
second or two in length,) 10.55" between the first two;  6.7" to the next, 9.2"
on the
fourth then 7.1" and then 10 between the last two.  I'd say a 17 sec period with
secondary at beginning and end and the primary at 10secs?

----------end excerpt

	Also bear in mind the poor viewing conditions I had that Eve, high cirrus
	were present through parts of the pass.
	My first impression was a decaying object, due to its speed.  I may have 
mentioned somewhere that it seemed large, as its max seemed larger than 7 

	Regarding the UnId, Russell has pointed out 1977-57B fits.