Re: Oldest SAT

Thu, 10 Jun 1999 21:38:25 -0400

James Husnay Sr. wrote:
> Jay with your closeness to Monmouth and now learning you worked on post was that
> how you found this interest in satellites? Wasn't the actual origins and very
> beginnings to satellite observation
> (technology) as a means of communication (and defense) started at Monmouth? 

I was interested in astronomy and sats way before then. I can't remember any
early age when I was not interested in them.  I started observing sats in 1958
when I was still living in New York City.  It was many years later that I moved
to New Jersey.  I was only on base occasionally when I got a call to service a
typewriter there.  I service/sell many kinds of office equipment.
Much early technology work was done at Monmouth. I don't know if all of it
started there.

> Since I've enjoyed satellite observation for the past year if I ever take a trip
> down to the Jersey Shore again I'll be sure to visit Kaplan Hall and the United
> States Army Communications Electronics Museum at Monmouth:

Good idea. That's something I should do too. Where are you now?

Jay Respler
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