KH 9-19 ELINT obs.
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 00:04:36 EDT

I am fairly certain that a flashing satellite I observed on the night of June 
7 at 11:32PM EDT was KH 9-19 ELINT (#15071, 85065C).  I just happened to 
stumble across it when it passed through the field of CH Ursae Majoris, a 
variable star I was observing at low power with an 8" f/6 reflector.  It was 
flashing about every 1 to 2 seconds very regularly and abruptly.  It ranged 
from around mag 8 to perhaps 5 during its quick specular flashes (although 
the flash brightness would be very hard to estimate due to its brevity).  I 
followed it towards the horizon until it got too low, behind the treeline.  I 
identified it using Skymap, and am now wondering what this satellite is.  I'm 
assuming the KH means Keyhole - is this correct?  Is there anything anyone 
can tell me about it, and is it known for its flashing?   If not, perhaps it 
has become unstable and others should observe it.  What does the ELINT mean?  
 Any response will be appreciated.

Quinn McCleery
Raleigh, NC