Re: Mysterious ECS-1 (AYAME)) rocket?

Mike DiMuzio (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 21:18:09 +0000

"Harro.Zimmer" wrote:
> Todays Satellite Catalog Action Report shows as a new SpaceCom registration
>          #25776 (UNK)    1979-009B
> 1979-009A is the Japanese Experimental Communications Satellite - ECS 1 -
> or AYAME 1. In all earlier editions of the Satellite Catalogue I haven't seen
> a B - object. But in the " R.A.E. Earth Table of Earth Satellites 1957 - 1989"
> there is 1979-009B (rocket) with an epoch and the usual orbital informations.
> Within the changes over the past 20 years the "R.A.E rocket body" seems identical
> with SpaceCom's "new" object.
> Any clues or ideas ?
> Harro
> Berlin, Germany

	That is a weird one.  From Encyclopedia Astronautica:
Ayame 1 Payload: ECS a; ECS 1. Mass: 260 kg. Class: Technology. Type: Comsat. 
Spacecraft: Ayame. Agency: Japan(Ayame). Perigee: 29,260 km. Apogee: 37,425 km. 
Inclination: 4.9 deg. Period: 1,313.1 min. COSPAR:1979-009A. 

     Experimental Communications Satellite. Experimental Communications 
Satellite (ECS). Launch time 0846 GMT. ECS was injected into the planned
orbit. On 9 Feb, however, ECS ceased radio transmissions about 10 seconds after 
the apogee kick motor was fired. Communicat ions and propagation experiments of 
satellite-communication systems. Operation and control experiment for 
geostationary satellites. Mass at launch 260 kg. Configuration - cylindrical. 
Height 1.9m including antenna. Diameter 1.4m. Spin stabilized. 

	Another reference says it collided with the third stage.  Maybe OIG
picked up this unknown object and realized what it was and cataloged it.
41.087N  80.714W 305 meters

Mike DiMuzio