Re: alldat.tle w/ Skymap - FIXED!

Ralph McConahy (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 17:44:41 -0700

Quinn McCleery wrote:
>As somewhat of a side note, the sat I had been attempting to identify WAS
>identified positively.  It was NORAD# 23488U, Designator 94085M.  There was
>no other identification, like many of the sats in alldat.tle  Does anyone
>know of a way I could figure out what this really is, just out of


23488 (94-85M) is a piece of debris from a Russian SL-19 rocket booster that
was launched 12/26/94. By the large number of debris pieces (25 in all) it
appears that there was a problem (explosion?) with the launch vehicle once
in orbit. On another note, the radar cross section of this object is only
0.47 m^2 which begs the question if that is what you truly saw or was it
something else?

To answer you question about a way you can figure out what a given object
is, go to the web page:
and download the latest zip file.

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