new to SeeSat-L
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 00:26:58 EDT

I just happened across your website and decided to subscribe.  I am new to 
satellite viewing and I am trying to learn more.  I teach 8th grade science 
and just returned from a trip to Cape Canaveral.  I went with a group from 
Alabama Aerospace Teachers Association to watch the launch of STS-96- with 
Starshine aboard.  I hope to interest my students next fall in tracking the 
Starshine satellite. In my search related to Starshine and satellites, I ran 
across some information about Iridium Flares.  I didn't realize the flares 
could be so bright.  The site gave this subscribe list for more information.  
Just from the few e-mails I have received, I realize this is somewhat "over 
my head" but I have enjoyed reading them.  I know I will have a few students 
and their parents that will be interested in satellite viewing.  So any 
advice would be welcomed.  
Tuscaloosa, Alabama    33N, 87 W