William B Magnusson (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 09:49:07 +1000

Hello all viewers,

I'm new to the list. Been viewing visible satellites for quite a while.
Started out seriously during a ham radio mountain-topping expedition about
25 years ago. Mile high ... clear black sky ... what were those moving
'stars'? I'd been lucky enough to see Sputnik-1 rocket go over Melbourne on
its first visible orbit back in 1957. But Melbourne skies aren't all that
good for satellite watching.

About myself:

William B Magnusson  (Bill)
Ham radio call vk3jt
Home location, Milawa, Victoria, Australia.
36 27 46.8 S
146 23 15.8 E
tz +10 

I am an ex teacher and school administrator with a mechanical engineering
background. 66 years old and now retired.

Other interests include amateur astronomy and amateur radio digital satellites.

I use SatSpy for predicting the visible passes and get keps mostly from the
celestrak web site.

Milawa is a small country farming town well away from any large city. I live
3 km out of town. We have good clear skies and, being in a 50km wide valley
I have a flat horizon and I can see stars right down to almost 0 degrees.

I hope to find heaps of valuable information on the list and perhaps have
the opportunity to contribute some too.

I have a question but I'll put that in a separate post.

My best regards to all,

Bill Magnusson.