Sun, 13 Jun 1999 21:06:50 -0400

William B Magnusson wrote:
> The mystery concerns the satellite TRMM ... 25063 97074A. None of us can see
> it. No matter how hard we look or how careful we are in assembling the data.

Are you looking naked eye or binocular?

> The standard magnitude is listed as 3.5 and SatSpy regularly computes this
> to give a visual magnitude as bright as magnitude 2 and sometimes even
> brighter when the lighting is favourable. Certainly bright enough to see
> even in less than ideal situations. We should be seeing it.

I've seen it at mag 4.5-6.  Use Intrinsic Mag of 4.5 with QUICKSAT and see what
kind of predictions you get with that.

Jay Respler
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