RE: Oldest SAT/StarShine

McConahy, Ralph (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 12:03:13 -0700

>>This Vanguard 1 satellite, what is it's purpose (if it's not too much
Vanguard 1 came about from a DOD project that was tasked with developing a
launch vehicle that would put a satellite in orbit. Part of the test was
that the satellite was to be able to perform a scientific experiment. The
experiment onboard Vanguard 1 proved that the earth is slightly pear-shaped.
It was launched in March 1958 and transmitted data for about three years.

>>And BTW, what is the purpose of the newly launched Starshine sateelite,
>>will it stay up there for a while?  I haven't gotton a chance to see it
See the web page
then click on "Starshine Project Description"

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