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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:42:25 +0200

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>Darwin  Teague []  wrote:
>I've been trying to run Skymap 6.3 and it doesn't work. I have a Pentium120
>with 48 megs of memory.
>I get an error that there was insufficient RAM for in
>subroutine system
>What's up with that?
>Update - I added these lines to the config.sys
>Tried generating a report and got this:
>File specified "STATUS=OLD" doesn't exist
[Björn Gimle]  Are you running in a MS-DOS Window (or running
a .bat file) under Windows [95,98,NT...] ?
Set up a shortcut to skymap.exe instead - it should save some memory
and allow some control over the environment.

While you are having problems, uncheck the shortcut Properties/Program/
Close Window on Exit.
You should have important info after 'doesn't exist' - the filename !
Check that! The subroutine list after these could be important if you still
don't understand it.

Please send more info if problems persist.