Re: Geo Sync's

Allen Thomson (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 12:43:21 -0500

Jonathan asked,

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>>  Satspy can handle your requests about geo sync satellites provided you
>>  sets of elements for them.  Check under Sat Views, then Synch sats.

>Thank you, it works now.  But I looked at the data for one of them, and the
>standard magnitude was +89.8.  Is this right?  I thought there mostly

This is done in my head, always a dangerous place to do things, but I think
89.8 at opposition in GEO corresponds to a Lambertian white surface of a few
nanometers in linear dimension.  I'd be impressed if we could see that. :-)

Likely the number is just a placeholder for "unknown" or "very small."