Is this addition to line0 OK?

Rick von Glahn (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:37:15 -0600

I'm adding another feature to Element Manager and have a question for the
2line experts out there.

I've been asked to add sorting capabilities on the radar cross section of
satellites. This information is available at OIG in the "Satellite Situation
Report". I need to import the radar cross sections of satellites into two
line elements.

My thinking is that I will place that data in the 40th column of line0 right
after the visual magnitude info provided by Molczan/McCants. So:

ALOUETTE 1       0.9  1.1  0.0  8.2 d  xxxx.xxxx
1 00424U 62B-A  1 90 25.21309753  .00000220  00000-0  25410-3 0  2561
2 00424  80.4628  67.0294 0022286 281.5113  78.3546 13.67284761363155

the x's on line0 would hold this value.


Thanks -- Rick

PS. The next update will sort the visual magnitude number too.