Re: Is this addition to line0 OK?

Ralph McConahy (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:42:16 -0700

>>I've been asked to add sorting capabilities on the radar cross section of
>>satellites. This information is available at OIG in the "Satellite
>>Report". I need to import the radar cross sections of satellites into two
>>line elements.

Isn't this information, in a sense, already in line0?

According to n2l_desc:

Columns  Info
17-20    Length, m  (1)
22-25    Width, m   (2)
27-30    Depth, m

(1) If width and depth are zero, then the object is a sphere, and the
    length is its diameter. Objects with unknown dimensions have been
    assumed to be spherical, and a value of diameter has been

(2) If depth is zero, then the object is a cylinder, and width is its

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