Simulated war in space- Soviet ASAT tests

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Wed, 16 Jun 1999 08:45:39 +0200

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I have added an article at my Website entitled "Simulated war in space -
Soviet ASAT tests". It examines the Tsiklon-launched test series that
lasted from 1967 to 1982.

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The flight profiles of Soviet ASAT tests are examined closely revealing
that targets sometimes used stabilized ground tracks to simplify test
conditions. In order to achieve high closing rates the difference in
orbital periods between target and interceptor needed to be high. Therefore
low  orbit targets were attacked from "in front and above", while high
orbit targets were attacked from "behind and below". Target telemetry was
discovered as an intruder in the 144-146 MHz radio amateur band! This
transmitter on the target probably also broadcast signals supporting a miss
distance indicator. The control law near the target was designed to reduce
the rotation of the line-of sight to the target to zero. Fast and slow
approaches were tried. A multiple intercept attempts by the same
interceptor was
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