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Chris Jackson (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:16:26 +0100

FASAT-B is not tumbling - it is spinning around the Z axis at a 10min rate
(0.6 degr/second).  It is still 100% functional and is primarily being used
for earth imaging and ozone monitoring.

The boom is approximately 1/2 inch diameter, with a 4kg tip mass (~4 inch
diameter).  Solar panels are on the X and Y facets - it is probably these
that are flashing

The control stations for this spacecraft are in Chile and Guildford, UK.

Interesting report though...

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From: Tristan Cools []
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Subject: Fasat B tumbling


This evening I observed Fasat B(1998-43B/25395) at 2143UTC(June 15).  I
didn't expect to see it because of its small size.  It is a small box of
0.6*0.35*0.35m but with a stabilisation boom of 6m.

At best it had a magnitude of +3.5 and it was tumbling with nice smooth
flashes of about 36.8s.  
The flashes are probably caused by the stabilisation boom(which doesn't do
its job anymore I suppose).

Anyone more info on the status of this satellite ?

Tristan Cools
BWGS Member - Belgian Working Group Satellites

Observing at:

Damse Vaart: 3.2486E/51.2279N
Ryckevelde: 3.2867E/51.2054N
Brugge: 3.1611E/51.2108N