Re: NOSS 7, Cosmos 1371

Jim Varney (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:07:36 -0700

On 16 Jun 99, Russell Eberst wrote:

> The above message gives NO time of sighting, and NO position in the sky. How
> anyone can assert that it was the 'D' piece that was observed, I cannot
> understand.

On 16 Jun 99, Kevin Fetter wrote:

> binocular's in the direction of where H is, you would spot it. Since jim
> only saw one,it should have to be D memeber because it is far ahead of the
> other two, and thus fit's the description of only seeing one satellite,

My question was not written very clearly. I apologize for not taking a 
little more time to phrase it more precisely.

I didn't intend my question to be a please-identify-this-sat question, 
which needs position and time.

What I meant was: should have I expected to see all three objects within 2 
binocular fields of view of each other? If yes, then maybe one or more has 
manuevered or deorbited and another more precise observation is needed to 
confirm. If no, then that explains what I saw.

I assumed that because the NOSS 7 objects were packed together in my 
Quicksat output listing that they were going to be close together like NOSS 
2-2 or 2-3 are.

Kevin is right, I must have seen D at 0541 UT on June 15. H and E trail far 
enough back that my binocular scanning could not have picked them up. If I 
had keyed in on H, I would have picked up E.

 -- Jim

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