STARSHINE Disappointment, NOT!

Myrton Smith (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 22:13:21 -0400

At 01:40 utc or so, I managed to get a visual on the best sight I have
seen in a long time of naked eye observation. Thanks to Rick von Glahn's
wonderfull Element manager program, and the keplerian element file I
received via Dave Ransom's BBS, and setting my computer clock via the
Internet, I was amazed and thrilled to watch as Starshine put on one
heck of a light show while
it passed from under the moon and faded off into the handle of the big
dipper. I could never have asked for nor expected such a fine light show
from a satellite.

Tom, I liked disco, and still do listen to it from time to time.... ..
(catch the code in there folks?)

More to follow, in the meantime keep L(O)(O)King up and happy observing
to all.

Myrton Smith - N1GKE -

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