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Thu, 24 Jun 1999 23:15:25 -0400

From:         steve rappolee <>

upperstages and spacecraft in solar orbit and solar system escape
orbits has been an interest of mine for 
several years now,I do not own my own computer and I can not find a
free email that allows me to post to the seesat-l newsgroup to ask the
following question:
MARS FLYBY (i.e. spacecraft in solar orbit)
Semi-major axis          204968597.          km
Eccentricity                     0.174563502 deg
Period                         585.789       days
True anomaly                  -161.326456    deg
Mean anomaly                  -154.029206    deg
Inclination                      6.670063    deg
Longitude of ascending node     35.511309    deg
Argument of perihelion         -20.363033    deg
Epoch = September 1, 1993, 19:00:00.0 UTC, spacecraft event time
Coordinate system:  Heliocentric, inertial, Earth mean orbit and
  equinox of J2000

the question is of course if mars observer is in solar orbit has it or
will it ever make any close earth flybys? and could it be telescopicly
or visualy observed?
thanks in advance,steve